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The P-factor Difference

Phronesis is a Greek word that often translates as "practical wisdom". When you hire P-factor Healthcare Consultants, you benefit from our practical thought process that is holistic and "big picture" focused.

Service Solutions

Lamia Gabal-Shehab, MD

"Pam is my go-to person for professional wisdom on marketing my medical practice.

Since Pam has extensive experience in working with medical professionals, she was able to hone right in to the marketing challenge of specialized medicine. She offered strategies that helped me better position my new urology practice, lining up resources and providing smart guidance on how I could differentiate and sustain my practice.  Through her consultation, I was able to create a professional brand that conveyed both the intrinsic philosophy of my business, as well as its services.

By getting it right from the start, I avoid time-draining revisions. She nailed it!"

Beth Albrecht

"Denise undertook the lead position in implementing the company's first ever MRM (Marketing Resource Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) systems. In order to accomplish this, Denise had to lead cross-functional teams in multiple states through a significant Change Management process. I consider Denise to have a high work ethic. She is a hard worker, holds herself (and her team) to high quality standards, and is extremely dependable. You can count on Denise to get the job done and get it done right."

Chris Clay, CEO, The Clay Media

"Pam has been a rock in terms of help and implementation in my business. She's improved my proposal process drastically. She has helped me improve my contracts to reduce my exposure and GREATLY reduce scope creep! Pam's business acumen is superior and she will start helping you on Day 1. No fluff."

Jan Gruenwald, Strategic Marketing Consultant

"With years of experience in corporate environments, Denise understands that the measure of a successful marketing program is that it supports a company's short- and long-term goals. She takes time to learn about the organization and this insight makes her a valued thought partner. My experience in working with Denise is that her strategic approach results in very thorough, customized marketing plans that can be executed modified and managed for maximum value. I would highly recommend Denise's marketing consultation for any company looking to develop or enhance efficiency and excellence of its marketing program."

Rob Davenport, Wellness Consultant, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, California

"Pam has excellent problem solving skills with a focus on customer service and finding solutions to her client's health care challenges. She is respectful of her subordinates and trusts their abilities while cultivating their talents and providing guidance when needed."

Elizabeth Calabrese

"Denise has a unique way of diving into issues at hand allowing her to quickly get to the heart of matters. Denise uses this extraordinary gift to fully assess and, with complete fairness, resolve obstacles that impede progress. She is excellent at building teams and has consistently increased growth."

Sean Van Tyne, User Experience Director, Fair Isaac

"Pam is a thought leader in our community. She is a strategic thinker that is conscientious, results-oriented, and focused on finding the best solution that delights the target customer. She is professional, respectful, and is a strong team player that instills trust and is flexible in her approach and adapts quickly to changing circumstances."