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Project Management is an art form


Good project management requires following proven principles and processes. Great project management includes creativity, vision and leadership.

That’s what makes P-factor Healthcare Consultants unique.

We enhance the science of project management with the art of creative vision. Your P-factor healthcare consultants deliver insight and a disciplined creativity, which helps you propel your business to new heights.


We begin by meeting with you and your project team to define specific project goals and objectives. Once we learn, how the project can help meet your organization’s key objectives, we use our creative edge to collaborate and consult with you on considerations that support your vision.

In addition, we work with you to define the project’s scope and complexity, the level of detail needed, and how the project’s success can be measured.


P-factor consultants have managed diverse teams of people and projects. We are particularly skilled at bringing together individuals who may not have worked together before. And we understand the importance of listening carefully to you and your team’s input.


Your P-factor consultant also specializes in offering you strategic advice to help you overcome obstacles that may impede the project’s success. We try to clearly understand any constraints to meeting the project’s objectives, such as funding or available resources. P-factor consultants use project management styles and methodologies that are flexible to both your time and resource constraints.

One of the most important factors to completing a successful project is agreeing on the project’s life cycle; that is, a start and finish date within any project limitations, such as your available staff time and budget. Once a timeline is agreed on, we will prepare a Project Scope document and budget.

Your P-factor consultant will work with you and your project team to develop a project plan that defines a meeting schedule and assigns specific tasks and timeframes for completion. And your P-factor consultant is available to you and your team to answer questions and help make the project management process an exciting venture that will enrich your team’s experience and knowledge base.


Please contact us today, so we can lend our creative vision and sound management consulting to launch your project.

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